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When the Earth Shakes and the Bones are Uncovered

On November 19th or 20th, depending on your location, there will be a lunar (full moon) eclipse at 27 degrees Taurus. Full moons are about culmination, high energetic vibration, a project or situations’ full potential realized, releasing, letting go, and surrendering. Our intention or wish was set at the new moon, and now the universe has taken that energetic request, and it is fully out of our hands at the full moon. All we can do is keep our eyes and minds open to the subtle—or maybe not so subtle—ways that our vision is manifesting. Synchronicities appear for us when we tip our mind towards possibility and wonder and we look for them.

Because this is a lunar eclipse, the energy is incredibly amplified. In particular, releasing old beliefs, thoughts patterns, behaviors, and material things are helpful during a lunar eclipse and endings in general are highlighted as well. Being in the sign of Taurus, letting go of what no longer serves you in regards to money, possessions, self-esteem, self-worth, and body image beliefs, stubbornness and bull-headedness are things that would be very supported right now.

On the other hand, we also will have an opposition from Mars to Uranus that will through in some unexpected and powerful situations. Mars is the warrior—willing to fight for any cause, and hopefully the right one is chosen. Mars is passionate, active, driven, strong, sometimes angry, and uses his will to make actionable change. Being in Scorpio, he is digging into the dirt into the darkest reaches of the earth where old secrets and truths are buried.

Uranus is all about sudden epiphanies and insights, chaos, unexpected events (whether good or bad), standing out from the crowd, being different or strange, technological advancement, speaking the truth, and humanity/group consciousness. In Taurus, Uranus wants to shake up the patterns and routines that have gotten us stuck and complacent, shoving us out of our comfort zones to face the question of whether we are truly living life in accordance to our values or not. This is when the earth will shake and the ancient bones will be uncovered. We will be called to face when we have not yet been able to face.

For me I have continued to notice Scorpionic themes around death in particular. There is nothing more jolting or icily clarifying as knowing that one day we will cease to be and no longer be able to move forward, be with loved ones, eat, sleep, walk, talk, dance, sing, move. It can feel like a slap in the face, bringing us to the old cliché of “facing our mortality”. Are you spending time on the things you want to put your energy into, or in the way you would like to? Have you been neglecting things you truly love or value because other things have gotten in the way? What actually, truly matters to you?

I have heard from other astrologers in the past that Mars-Uranus aspects can increase the likelihood of car accidents, fights, and even violence. This is of course a possibility, but not the only way this can manifest. It just may be wise to be a bit more cautious for a while. A great way to do this is to stay mindful and in the present moment. See my previous post What Can You Control When You Feel Put of Control on how breath can bring us back to centered presence.

What have you been wishing for or working towards this moon cycle? What signs do you notice that tell you your vision is coming to life? Are there stuck spots here? How can you shift perspective to be even more open to seeing the synchronicities and signs?

What truth have you been hiding from that it is time to bring to the surface and face? How can you do this in a self-compassionate and self-supportive way?

How do you cope when everything feels out of control? What coping strategies can you ramp up now to feel your best during this lunar eclipse?

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