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Take the Communication Lessons You've learned and Make Small Positive Changes

Key points

  • We’re done with this Mercury retrograde, which started December 29th and ended January 17th

  • You my have noticed thoughts, feelings, and experiences you had been hiding from or suppressing came to the surface with force on January 17th, which could have brought up important things you need to address and process

  • Now until February 7th is the time to take what you’ve learned in the Mercury retrograde around communication with others, our deep fears and feelings, exercising patience, and relationship dynamics (especially work, partner, friend, and family long-term relationships) and put it into action

You may have noticed some craziness in your world a few days ago. I’ve been hearing from friends and family that January 17th was particularly frenetic and stressful. This makes so much sense—that was the very last day of this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, the sign of work, discipline, laser focus of what needs to be done. Like everything in life, we try, we work hard in various areas of our lives, we take risks, and we learn.

Capricorn is about learning and lessons as well. I recently read a quote that catches the feeling of Capricorn: doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever will” (attributed to Suzy Kassem). This to me encapsulates the doubt that Capricorn can instill in us, making us afraid and serious, while it also wants to push us past our doubts and take on challenges we may feel cautious of so we can learn and grow.

This Mercury retrograde started on December 29th to January 17th. Themes of relationships and our deep psychology were a focus. Communication in relationships take so many forms including shared interests and experiences, negotiation, setting boundaries, navigating differences, and addressing miscommunications.

When I say our deep psychology was a theme this retrograde, I mean the feelings, fears, repeating thoughts, and harmful behavior patterns we ignore, push away, avoid, and suppress. These individual perspectives and behaviors

certainly affect all our relationships. Something I think of here is confirmation bias, where our minds specifically focus on what confirms our beliefs—even the negative and unhelpful ones—and ignore what doesn’t fit into our worldview.

There was so much to learn from these Mercury retrograde themes, and so much to put into action in the next 3.5 weeks.

What did I learn about my communication style with others?

What information can I take from other people’s way of communicating with me?

What unhelpful and hurtful beliefs and behaviors are important for me to work on changing?

How can I have compassion for those unhelpful beliefs and behaviors that developed as a way to cope with difficult experiences or traumas?

How can I accept my beliefs and behaviors as they are in this moment and also make concrete changes toward ultimately feeling better and more confident?

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