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Swimming in Dreamy Waters With a Purpose

This New Moon on February 20th is in Pisces. It is supported by Saturn, the planet of structure, authority, lessons, and time. Honestly, I’ve always seen Saturn as boring. To me, it’s all about adulting, taking responsibility for yourself and your life, sucking it up and getting it done. But without Saturn, we would never grow, learn, or strive for better. It motivates us and gets us going to complete the work that we value, and even leave behind a legacy.

This New Moon in imaginative, compassionate, and sensitive Pisces coupled with Saturn can seem like a paradox. At the same time, it can be a really potent combo. Pisces provides the inspiration and the dream, while Saturn pushes us to make it happen and turn it into physical reality.

Let your mind wander and wonder what is possible in your life if money was no issue, if you could do whatever you want, if anything and everything is possible. Dream with abandon. Then create that plan to make it happen.

Here’s what this could look like in practice:

1.) Imagine what you would love your life to look like. If you could wave a magic wand and have everything you ever wanted, what would you do and how would you live? What would you do that you haven’t done because of fear?

2.) Meditate, pray, write, draw, or go for a walk and be mindful. Do whatever feels good to connect with your heart. Be curious and notice what comes up when you ask your heart without your logic putting on the breaks.

3.) Take a seat and write down ways you are already living the life you want and being who you want to be. If you can dream it and think it, you already have it.

4.) How could you work on one goal towards your dreams?

5.) What is one thing you could do in the next week to work towards this goal? (Not sure how to create an achievable goal? See my how-to article and learn what SMART goals are)

6.) Break it down even further and identify something specific you can do today towards that goal. Maybe that’s taking a “small” (though not small at all since you could not be doing it at all!) action step, or maybe it’s writing out an affirmation.

Take advantage of this visionary New Moon in Pisces working hand in hand with get-it-done Saturn. This is a great time to listen to your dreams and make them real.

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