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Struck Silent

Something really interesting happened today. For whatever reason, although I'm usually a very talkative person (seriously, ask my friends and family, they'll tell ya!), I was overcome with the intense desire to keep my mouth shut and not talk today. Part of it was physical (I have "chronic health stuff" as I like to call it), part was probably emotional. And it was a little scary and confusing. For once in my life, I was literally struck silent.

With my unprecedented silence came panic. And fear and panic are messengers.

Because I was in a more listening mood, my boyfriend was able to cut in and suggest that a lot of concentrated stress may be playing a part. And that could be a factor. But no matter the reason though, for me, the purpose of not talking is to listen, rest, and to practice patience (this last one was also a suggestion courtesy of my boyfriend).

What may I be missing because I am always talking and filling the silence?

What will I hear if I listen more? What will arise from the silence that I can learn?

When fear grips you, practice curiosity. What is it telling you? What has it been helping you to be safe from? If you did the thing you feared, what might happen? Aren't you curious to find out what's on the other side?

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