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Spice it Up

The coming new moon in Libra will pack quite a punch. At first glance, Libra is the archetypal energy of the lover, artist, and diplomat. It seeks out a heart connection, strives to be fair and find a compromise, and loves to create and look for beauty in its environment to instill a sense of inner peace and harmony. It’s like sitting with your closest friend or partner under a cozy blanket drinking hot cocoa on one of the chillier fall days with colors of orange, red, and yellow bursting outside. But this is a Mexican hot chocolate—with a kick of cinnamon, a bite of cayenne pepper, and a few shots of espresso—because the planets Mars and Uranus are in the mix.

New moons signify the start of a new cycle. Aligning your goals and manifestation efforts with the sign of a new moon can be powerful when your intentions and the natural rhythm of the planets come together. As with sun in Libra, the emphasis of this coming new moon is on relationships, finding inner balance and harmony—even when the world around feels chaotic and polarized to extremes—and really taking notice of (or maybe creating) the beauty around you, including within yourself and within others.

With Mars (conjunct new moon) and Uranus (quincunx new moon) in the picture, this brings in additional archetypes of the Warrior and the Rebel. Mars wants us to run in full throttle with fury and fire. Mars, the Warrior, in conjunction with this new moon wants us to be assertive in our relationships and bring a renewed sense of passion to them. It could also be a time to rekindle passion in the bedroom. Uranus, the Rebel, urges us to be our individual, unique self, ask for space if we need it, and show up in our relationships with total authenticity. It also wants us to shake things up. And with it being in the sign of Taurus right now, consider getting outside in nature with a partner or solo, and mindfully connect with your senses to get grounded.

Some questions to ponder during this new moon: How can I be assertive and maintain my boundaries while also being diplomatic and fair in my relationships? What can I learn about myself and what I value through how I show up in relationships? What new patterns do I want to start in my relationships, especially around assertiveness, heated communications, and being passionate?

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