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Plant the Seeds and Put in the Work

Warrior Mars moved into sign of the sea-goat, Capricorn, on Monday after being in Sagittarius for 6 weeks. Mars is about where we focus our energy, how we assert ourselves, what we go to war for, and how we express our passions.

In Capricorn, Mars sets about laying foundations and committing (or maybe recommitting) ourselves to our responsibilities here. It could feel like our energy is limited, or that we have less to spend on what Capricorn may consider “frivolous” pursuits—anything that doesn’t involve preparing for the future or having the long-term in mind. This is a great time to think about the long-game.

Mars in this sign is the warrior plans to move up the military ranks and rise up to be the king through dedicated, old-fashioned hard work and time. He has endless patience and can forego the simple pleasures, withstand the pain, and puts his blood, sweat, and tears into his ultimate goal.

When we put in the physical, mental, and emotional effort that Capricorn requires of us, we get rewarded, but fail to do so, and we’ll find ourselves flailing and lost. Karma is catching up. It wants us to pay our dues and make the hard choice. It’s time to plant your seeds, put in the tireless hard work, and provide the tender care to support future growth, even when you have no guarantee of the outcome.

Tomorrow Mercury will retrograde back a sign, joining Mars in the sign of Capricorn, aiding us in focusing our mind on our tasks and planning for the future. With it being in retrograde, it wants us to reflect and contemplate issues around things like work/career, authority-figures, responsibility, limitations, and what we have come to refer to as “adulting”.

Here are some questions to help you reflect and connect with Mars and Mercury retrograde in Capricorn:

How have you been spending your energy at work? Are you spending your energy wisely? Are you sprinting and burning the candle at both ends when you need to be running a marathon?

Who are the authorities in your life? Do you feel connected to your own inner authority? What does that mean to you?

In what ways and areas of your life do you feel limited? Can self-limitation serve a supportive function?

Based on what you have been spending your energy day-to-day, where are your priorities? Do your priorities line up with your values and what is important to you?

How do you feel you are doing with “adulting”? Are there any ways you can step up your game on this front and take on more responsibility? Have you been underestimating your ability to take on this responsibility? How can you feel more confident in yourself and your capabilities?

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