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A Brief Detour into the Darkness

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The next two days (September 30th and October 1st) include some heavy astrological transits: Mercury retrograde in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries, and Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius. Although it may feel intense, these next couple days can have tremendous gifts to offer as well.

You may have felt the pull to savor relationships recently with emphasis on the loving sign of Libra now. I’ve even noticed having meaningful interactions with cashiers at the store, the barista at my local coffee shop, and a phone network representative. The conversations with close friends and family and strangers alike have overall been relatively lighthearted and enjoyable, or at least concluded positively.

In the next couple of days we’ll be asked to take a detour to a deeper, darker, and more dense part of the woods. This is a potent time to reflect on our wounds around relationships. Maybe you have experienced difficult or even traumatic relationship experiences that have fundamentally changed your beliefs about yourself, relationships, and the world. You may have protected yourself through fierce independence or solitude, staying far away from relationships, or maybe instead you have found yourself relying too heavily on others, veering into codependence. Or maybe the wounding is less outwardly obvious and you have struggled with trusting yourself, your decisions, and your intuition. This is all totally understandable, normal human stuff.

This is a perfect time to allow yourself to take a look at these beliefs from a place of awareness, acceptance, and self-love. Although it can be scary, diving beneath the surface into the things in our mind that cause us pain and metaphorically clearing out the cobwebs can be incredibly empowering. Mindfulness is a particularly poignant strategy here—non-judgemental, curious awareness. With the Mercury retrograde in Libra, talking about these experiences and beliefs with someone you trust—a loved one, friend, your journal, a therapist—is also a supportive avenue to take in the next couple days.

An image comes to mind that suits the quality of the next two days. Think of digging past the dry soil to the rich dirt underneath that allows brilliant colored flowers to grow and reach towards the sky. We have an opportunity in the coming two days to dig into the ground, clear away what no longer serves, and plant the seeds of what could be some incredible growth and beauty in the future.

Some powerful questions to consider in the next couple days: What are some strong beliefs about relationships that no longer serve me? What would it look like to let go these beliefs? What feels most supportive to me to help process and release these beliefs? How can I practice awareness, acceptance, and self-love right where I am, while I work to move past that which doesn’t serve?

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