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Love Favors the Brave

Passionate bold love

Strong desire, fun, and lightness

Take this chance to grow

Love is a fascinating thing. On its own, it’s beautiful, hard, passionate, painful, wonderful. And on a deeper level it creates opportunities to open to new perspectives, new opportunities and new insights into ourselves.

Willingness is the key. If we become curious and let go of what we think things should be, we can get the chance to experience so many new things. We find new activities and adventures, but we can also learn so much about ourselves and grow for the better. If we make that choice and take that chance.

Relationships poke at the wounds we’ve ignored. Patterns that started to protect us from pain and discomfort get exposed and often significantly triggered. If we are willing to take a breath, be real with ourselves and maybe also with the other in the relationship (ie admit and label the pain, where it started, and the beliefs and behaviors that came from those traumas or difficult experiences), feel the feelings, and really allow space for understanding and compassion for ourselves, we have a whole new path to healing.

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