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Lightning Strikes the Earth and Starts a Fire

The partial lunar eclipse in Taurus happens today. Where I am, we could see it around 3am this morning. I’m not sure about you, but I and the people around me have been feeling the effects of this full moon eclipse for at least a few days now. And wow has it been dramatic! I can’t say I’ve seen an astronomical and astrological event be so glaringly obvious in my life until now.

Although this eclipse is happening in the sign of Taurus—slow, earthy, fixed, and sensual—other factors are ramping up a more chaotic, sudden, and intense side to it. Uranus is in Taurus opposing Mars in Scorpio very close to this full moon eclipse. You may be noticing unexpected surprises and insights that come out of nowhere. There’s a rapid-fire tennis match happening between random bizarre types of experiences (Uranus) that activate deep inner beliefs and feelings (Scorpio), and vice versa. It’s a perfect time to dig into the depths of our psyches, bring up the difficult stuff to examine, and decide if it’s worth hanging on to or not.

The image that comes to mind is of lightning striking the earth starting a wildfire that changes the atmosphere and triggers more lightning strikes. The god of the sky Uranus and the god of war Mars are battling it out, and we are cannon fodder. At least, that’s a relatively accurate description of my experience. What have you noticed in the past few days for you? Do you feel like you’re getting caught in the crossfire of a battle you didn’t know you were in, or are you watching the fight from afar?

Full moons are great times to release stale and unhelpful beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and experiences that are bogging us down. And with this full moon eclipse, there really is no better time to do this. A lot is boiling up like a pressure cooker right now. But even with all of this noise and craziness, we still have choice in how we respond, and that’s what makes it all so compelling and even fun. We as conscious beings have the option and will to become aware of our patterns of behavior and thoughts—even to the most startling experiences seemingly coming from left field—and shift them so we feel more in control and in flow in our lives and within our wacky, amazing, awesome universe.

What have you been observing in your life and the lives of others in the past few days?

What is your strategy for coping with the unexpected? How is this working for you?

What are you releasing now?

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