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How Will You Roar?

On a walk tonight, I saw the full moon shining so brightly and gloriously. Truly a regal and proud full moon in Leo.

Leo is the archetype of the actor, the child, the king. Leo is all about creativity and fun, pride and confidence, and showing the world your talents and getting the much-deserved applause for it. There can also be drama and intense emotions with Leo as well.

Add this loud and proud energy to the full moon that illuminates what’s in our lives, calls for action, and encourages us to release and let go.

Reflection questions for this Leo full moon:

  • What talents can I share with others?

  • What feels fun to do right now?

  • What would I do if I felt totally confident in myself? How can I push myself to act as if I am totally confident right now? Can I start with one small thing?

Ideas for this Leo full moon:

  • Do something creative

  • Practice seeing things through the eyes of a child—curiously, with wonder, as if experiencing things for the first time

  • Play with your kids

  • Do something just because it’s fun

  • Share your creations and talents with others

  • Practice saying ‘thank you’ when you get compliments without downplaying them or selling yourself short

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