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Hold Your Thoughts Gently

It’s easy to get carried away with our thoughts. We often trust our thoughts as fact without question. We see ourselves, the world, others, and the past, present, and future through the filter of our thoughts.

The ways we think are created by our early experiences. Because of this, the thoughts make sense. A lot of times our thoughts can make us feel bad. They can even be painful sometimes. But they are also comfortable in a way. They are familiar, and the familiar is often comforting. We become comfortably uncomfortable.

But what if you tried something different? What would it be like to think differently? To think kinder, softer, more compassionately? What if you notice your thoughts just as they are without actually believing them as the ultimate truth? How would it feel to respond to your thoughts as if to a being you love (maybe a child or pet even) who is hurting?

What if you try to hold your thoughts gently and let them come and go like waves on the sand?

How can you talk to yourself differently today to treat yourself with kindness and tenderness? Can you respond to your thoughts with understanding and compassion just for this hour? Breathe and give yourself this moment of care.

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