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Finding the Gifts of Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Mercury Retrograde can bring communication breakdown, setbacks in travel, and technology glitches. Because of this, it can make us feel apprehensive or annoyed, which doesn’t feel great. So how can we change this view and learn from this transit?

This Mercury Retrograde is in Libra, starting today and going until October 18th. The messenger planet Mercury in retrograde in Libra asks us to rewrite, restate, recheck, redo reflect, readjust, realign, reaffirm, and rediscover within the realm of our intimate relationships. How can we make the most of this time and flow with instead of against the current of Mercury Retrograde?

Here are some reflection questions to consider: How do I feel about the way I have been communicating in my relationships? What would help me to pause before I speak or react? How can I reflect before I speak, so that what I say is in-line with my values in this relationship? What beliefs about relationships or communication within relationships can I release, and what alternative beliefs would be more balanced and feel more supportive?

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