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Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

The Scorpio full moon eclipse reaches its peak late at night on Sunday May 15th. It will feature the moon-conjunct-North Node in Scorpio opposite the Sun-conjunct-South Node in Taurus (moon opposite sun is always a full moon in an astrology chart), with Pluto and Mars-conjunct-Neptune in easy aspect to the eclipse, and Chiron conjunct Venus.

Keys for this eclipse:

*Release *Surrender *Feel your feelings *Learn from the past *Acknowledge emotions about the unknown future *Self-care *Love and relationship matters *Listen to your body, your heart, and your gut *Pause and reflect before taking action

· Shine a light on and release what no longer serves your highest good—what feels good in the moment may not be what’s best for you in the long term.

· Acknowledge the emotions, including fear and doubt, around stepping out of your comfort zone and moving forward in your life

· Be aware of anger, excess energy, and fierce delusions and illusions around situations in your life that seem particularly present for you now. On the flip side, feelings of anger and a sense of compassion linked with calm intuition may support you now. Only you will know. Check in with yourself. Are thoughts and feelings coming from a head or heart/body place?

· Know that wounds around love and past relationships may come up now and may create a sting and burning within you. It’s okay to not feel okay all the time.

· Remember that we are still in the beginning of Mercury retrograde, which gets us to pause, slow down, reflect, rethink, review, relearn, and repeat. This especially has to do with all forms of communication with Mercury in its home sign of Gemini right now.

Helpful practices for the eclipse:

· Do some shadow work (notice intense emotional responses—especially related to how you judge yourself and others, examine the beliefs attached to them, recognize that the beliefs started for a reason such as protection, survival, etc., and be compassionate towards yourself)

· Journal

· Talk with someone you trust

· Get into your body with movement

· Engage in mindfulness

· Practice meditation

· Do a cord cutting ceremony

· Pull some oracle or tarot cards

· Increase your self-care (take breaks, drink water, go for walks, eat nourishing food, get together with friends, watch movies, etc. might be some ideas)

· Take a compassionate stance towards yourself and others, and if that feels hard, have compassion for wherever you find yourself (even if that is being angry at yourself or others)

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