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Fired Up

Today is the full moon in curious and mercurial Gemini!

Full moons illuminate our lives, shine a light on how goals we set or things that began at the new moon (this cycle in Sagittarius) are unfolding, and letting go of what needs to be removed from our lives.

This full moon is strongly influenced by Mars, the Warrior. Mars drives us, pushes us to be assertive, set boundaries, find and live our passion, and even allows us to flash our anger when needed. If we harness this fiery energy, we can become the peaceful warrior, choosing where to direct our drive, actions, and will.

Also influencing today’s full moon is Saturn, Chiron, and Neptune. Saturn brings in karmic patterns and possibly harsh lessons to be learned with a slant towards being our true selves regardless of what others think or the dominant culture. Chiron activates wounds within us to grapple with and release through communication methods—writing, talking with someone we trust and feel safe with, etc. Neptune can bring in a foggy ambiance making us feel unsure of our footing and like everything might just be an illusion. It can also bring creativity and imagination as well.

What may come up:

-Situations to allow us to learn how to respond to and release feelings of anger

-Activation of subconscious beliefs and behavior patterns from long ago in our lives around assertiveness, passion, and drive

-Learning opportunities to help us communicate our frustration, annoyances, and anger

-Wanting to let go of aggressiveness, defensiveness, passivity, being stuck in fight, flight, freeze, and fawn response patterns that once were crucial to our survival but may not be needed now

Helpful ways to use this energy now:

-Write it out—write your thoughts around anger, passion, drive, etc. or around what has been coming up strongly for you right now. What have you been overreacting to? What have you been defensive about? What have you been holding in but desperately need to say?

-Talk it out—talk to someone you trust about messages around anger and how you feel about expressing it or holding it in. Start an open dialogue and learn about how your trusted person copes with strong emotions

-Craft it out—harness your intense drive or even your anger into creative pursuits

-Move it out—with Mars, it can always be helpful to move your physical body, some warrior poses can connect you to your fire and passion

Curious about how you can use the energy of this full moon in Gemini to create momentum in your life?

Find out with me with a focused astrology aided life-coaching session. 30 minutes for $35 or 20 minutes for $25!

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