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Find the Calm Within the Storm

Things have been heavy to say the least. Yesterday was the full Wolf moon in the sign of Cancer, the most emotional, sensitive, and vulnerable moon of the year. A full moon cast into an astrology chart forms an opposition with the moon to the sun. All the shadows that hide behind the dark side of the moon get illuminated.

To add intensity to this already challenging full moon is Pluto. This has cranked up the volume to practically deafening. Think a supercharged eclipse that not only shines light on all our shadows, but is so penetrating and powerful that we are burning up with force of it.

We are still smack in the middle of Venus and Mercury retrogrades (freezing, slowing down, and making ineffectual matters of the heart and communication, while also providing opportunity to deeply reflect on those same areas). Today Uranus goes direct again, and the nodes of the moon (also called the lunar nodes) move into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

Uranus is the rebel, the eccentric, the genius. For the past 5 months or so, Uranus has been retrograde, having our focus be on introspective intuitions and personal creative insights. Now Uranus is moving forward again (direct) and the lightning strikes of wisdom that you’ve collected these past months are put to the test with sudden shocks and unexpected strikes from the outside world. It shoves us out of our comfort zone and turns our world upside-down. Let your unique self guide the way pushed forward by what you’ve discovered while the planet has been retrograde.

On another level, the shift of the lunar nodes moving from the Sagittarius-Gemini (learning the detailed basics balanced with having faith in the bigger picture) axis to the signs of Scorpio and Taurus which brings to the fore issues of mistrust and paranoia versus security and safety. Scorpio-Taurus is about balancing mysteries of the universe with earthly grounding, investigation and healthy skepticism with contentment and staying anchored in the here and now.

See my upcoming article on the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio soon!

In the past few days, people in my world—whether close or in the periphery—are continuing to get sick with COVID, coping with people passing away, struggling with feeling scared, grieved, or just downright confused and lost, and dealing dramas that appeared to be getting put to rest rearing their head and gaining aching strength and painful influence.

Suffice it to say, there is a lot to feel the feels about for everyone, whether from our own lives or the lives of people we love. Check in with yourself and your emotions frequently. Give yourself what you need in the moment. Take this time for your own self-care and compassion, and let kindness spread to others from your own full cup.

How are you? How is your heart? Are you looking for support you, talk with, and point out your unique magnificence? I’m here for you. Explore my website at and contact me at for your free 30 minute life-coaching Discovery Session!

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