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Feel the Burn-Just Don't Get Burned!

Today is the full Aries Moon. It’s a particularly energized moon, making a T-square between the Moon, Sun, Mars, and Pluto. With Mars and Pluto in the mix, we get a ramping up of the Aries Warrior energy (Moon in Aries ruled by Mars, and both Moon and Sun square Mars) with a side of the Plutonic Shaman archetype.

What all this means for us is that we may be feeling particularly angry and passionate today. We also may be our own worst enemies when it comes to this anger, maybe saying things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment, or saying things we do mean, but in a way that is aggressive and isn’t how we intended. We might realize that chaos is following us today, that there are opportunities presenting themselves where we are called to have courage, or “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the intense warrior energy, find an outlet to release it: going for a fast walk, a run, working out, dance to some ramped up music, etc. Anything that helps you let off some steam.

On the other hand, if you are feeling drained by the Mars and Aries energies, follow the sun’s lead into more Libran-type activities like listening to relaxing music, surrounding yourself with beauty, engaging in a creative experience or project, connect with a loved one. Find those activities that create a sense of inner peace, calm, and balance within you. But find ways to honor the Aries moon too, by talking it through with someone you trust, journaling, letting it out into an art form or other similar things.

As has been a continued theme as of late, delving into our shadows with Pluto the Shaman is something else that is highlighted for this full moon. It may even show up as an opportunity to look at our shadow sides related to anger, aggression, and passion. Shadow work can include becoming aware of aspects of ourselves that we ordinarily avoid acknowledging (whether because we don’t like those parts of us, they feel scary, etc.), accept that we have them within us, and loving ourselves exactly for those parts of us. Those aspects of us we have divorced ourselves from serve a purpose. They protect us, keep us safe, allow us to feel accepted and acceptable to others.

Don’t forget, we are still in the shadow period of Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde. There can still be miscommunications and opportunities to reflect on our spirituality and parts of our life where we have underestimated ourselves. Just a reminder to pause before we speak, especially with all the fiery Aries energy, to be able to say what we mean, and mean what we say.

Questions to ask yourself during this Aries Full Moon:

-Where in my life am I forging full speed ahead right now? Is this where I want to be putting my drive and energy? If not, where would I like to put my energy instead?

-What traits in myself, especially around my anger, would I rather not think about myself possessing? Am I being triggered by other’s anger or assertiveness? Is there a way that I can practice being more assertive in my own life?

-What has been causing me frustration, annoyance, or anger? What would it be like to release the need to fight while also setting and maintaining boundaries?

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