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Directing Your Energy Where It Feels Good

Mars is in retrograde in Gemini right now, and will be until January 12th. Mars rules how and where we focus our energy in our lives. In retrograde, we have the opportunity to reflect on the direction of our energy and ask ourselves if we are devoting too much to things that drain our energy and withholding time from things that would restore our energy and passion. We can decide if we need to redistribute our energy so we feel better and our actions are more in alignment with our values and what we need at this point in our lives. The house Mars is retrograding through in your unique chart is the area in life this reevaluation is happening.

For me, Mars is retrograding through my 5th house of fun, pleasure, creativity, and play. I’ve been reading books about creativity, getting back into drawing, painting, and collaging, and feeling excited about other ideas for fun and play like writing and playing violin. I’ve been listening to classical music, watching less TV, and letting my mind wander through my imagination. My curiosity feels more fun to lean into, like I'm getting back to some of my childlike wonder.

Mars in retrograde aspects several points in my chart, some challenging and some more easier to navigate, including my sun (how I shine), ascendant (the lens I see the world through and how others see me), my Pluto (shadow and empowerment), and my lunar nodes (comfort zone and uncomfortable but freeing growth choices). My drive and excitement for reconnecting with my creativity is also affecting my sense of self, my self-image and world view, my shadow side, how and if I step out of comfort zone, and my ego—my fears but also moments of mindfully detaching from my anxieties.

Curious about where Mars is retrograding in your chart? Find out with me with a focused life coaching session with astrology for 15 minutes for $20 or 30 minutes for $35.

Let me support you in reflecting on and jumping into your passion!

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