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Dark Warrior Rising

Mars ingressed (moved) into Scorpio on October 30th. Mars is the planet that rules will, assertiveness, energy, anger, and sex. It asks us what we fight for and why we fight for it. With Scorpio presiding over the underworld—all things taboo, hidden, and mysterious—we direct our drive and energy toward the darker parts of life. Scorpio will stop at nothing to get to the harshest truths, especially our innermost personal truths. It will dig and dig until all the skeletons have been found and pulled from the earth. Now the phoenix has caught on fire and is burning away the old to transform into something even stronger and more stunning. But change can be painful. This heavy energy has already begun with the sun moving into Scorpio back on October 23rd, but now the stakes are higher and more active.

What old thinking and behavior patterns are you ready to burn away? How can you take an active role in this process of releasing?

How can you add fire and passion to your life right now?

What have your fears been keeping you from? How can you use the brave and shadow-loving Mars in Scorpio energy to lean into your fears and face them

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