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Jacalyn Nolan

Life Coach 


Like most, if not all, human beings, I’ve experienced my own inner challenges.  Everyday, I strive to learn, grow, and experience life from a place of love, trust, and compassion versus fear and doubt.  Life Coaching offers me a clear path towards working towards goals aligned with my values and highest truth. And astrology provides me the language for experiences that have needed clarity and articulation, in addition to providing insights into my fundamental essence. Together, these have become important tools to support living a truly authentic life. 


Love of learning is a huge part of who I am. Practicing mindfulness and meditation, learning and working on self-compassion, and reading or listening to podcasts about psychology and astrology are all supports for me on this path. I'm always open to learning more about methods and modalities of emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical healing. 

I have experienced the benefits and self-growth that have taken place in my life from astrology and life-coaching, and I want to share this with others. They both offer extremely powerful tools to initiate and support mindful awareness, validation, and inner growth. My goal is to help people discover their personal power, find and practice loving kindness towards themselves, and integrate self-care into a daily experience. 

Astrology has fascinated me for a long time and the more I study, the more revelations have been uncovered about my life's path.  Life coaching has equally provided me an accessible way of being kinder and gentler towards myself. I want to share these discoveries and practices with others.

I want you to come away from life coaching sessions feeling reconnected with

your deep inner truth, feelings of trust, faith, and hope, and a knowing that you can and will achieve your unique goals in life in the perfect timing. I want you to feel light, full of love, joyful, empowered, and strong. 

I want to help you practice self-validation, understanding, and compassion,

and experience a real sense of purpose and direction

In my free time, I like spending time with loved ones, walking in nature

(barefoot is my favorite way to go!), frequenting coffeeshops and libraries, spending

cuddle time with my cat Jammer, reading, attending community

mindfulness retreats, and meditating. 

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